Any Franchisee is eligible to join the Association. The dues are $200.00 per store, and are due and payable prior to January 31 of each year. Simply multiply the number of units you own times $200.00 and send a check payable in that amount to the Association’s office.

The Board of Directors consists of nine directors elected from the membership. Nine members of the Board will consist of owners of LJS units where LJS unit is a single brand LJS or the LJS portion of a co-branded unit is the primary brand. At least one member of the Board shall represent Franchisees who own or operate five or fewer restaurants, and at least one shall represent owners of an LJS unit where the LJS co-brand is the subordinate brand.


The primary function of the Association is to protect the contractual and business interest of our members and to promote fairness in the franchise relationship.  The Association was formed in 1998 in advance of the reorganization in bankruptcy of LJS. Membership in the Association is open to any individual or entity owning a LJS franchise. There are presently two classes of membership. Regular members are those who have paid their annual dues and are in good standing with the franchisor. Associate membership is open to a franchisee that is owned or controlled in whole or part by a franchisor affiliate.  Associate members are not eligible for election to the Associations Board of Directors but can vote on any matter except a proposal to change that restriction in the by-laws.  There is no form of membership open for vendors at the present time.

​The Associations Board of Directors (“FAB”) meets regularly with the leadership of LJS and conducts the LJS annual convention. The FAB also conducts its relationship with LJS through the Subcommittees found in the “Member Information” section of this website. The Subcommittee membership is composed of franchisee representatives from across the franchisee community and interacts regularly with the LJS corporate function leadership. The purpose of these meetings and relationships to ensure the voice of the franchisees is heard by the LJS corporate leadership and to align with the brand on the vision for the brand and the successful execution of the tactics which support the strategy and brand vision.  We believe we have a good working relationship with the current management of LJS and that our input is taken and respected by LJS.

​In addition to the FAB and its Subcommittees, the Association provides the leadership for the LJS concept purchasing co-op. The co-op board members are also identified in the Subcommittee list on this website.  All the concept co-op voting board members except one represent the interests of the franchisee community.

​The FAB believes that the arrangements outline in this section provide an effective means for the FAB to accomplish its purpose and function of representing the interests of its membership.